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Firnera WordPress Theme

Minimalist, Responsive WordPress Blog Themes

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Features :

  • 4 home Blog selection
  • Responsive
  • Related posts
  • Image Lightbox
  • Font Awesome
  • Banner Ads and Google Adsense Support
  • (Google font library)
  • Theme options
  • Custom color (background, menu, sidebar, footer, etc)
  • Custom (header image, background image)
  • You might also reading
  • Social shares and Social profil link
  • Menu (top menu, primary menu, footer menu)
  • Sidebar (primary, footer 1, footer 2, footer 3)
  • Sticky menu and primary sidebar
  • Shortcode (author list, sitemap, related posts)
  • Custom page (default, sidebar left, full width)
  • Child Theme (Ready)
  • Free support and Update
  • NEW – Widget Ads in After Menu and Before Menu
  • NEW Changing google adsense ads settings becomes easier
  • NEW Add Native Ad Options
  • NEW Woocommerce Compatible
  • NEW Woocommerce Custom Color
  • NEW Add Grid 2 Style
  • NEW Add About Me Widget
  • NEW Add Twitter Feed Widget
  • NEW Remove Flexslider
  • NEW Add Carousel
  • NEW Add Carousel Post Slider Widget
  • NEW Add Grid Post Widget
  • NEW Add Animation
  • NEW Add Option Animation Select, ON/OFF
  • NEW Add ON/OFF Sticky
  • NEW Add Smooth Scroll Mouse ON/OFF


Firnera v2.0.0 (27.August.2017)

  • Mayor Update
  • Design Update
  • HTML5
  • Changing google adsense ads settings becomes easier
  • Add Native Ad Options
  • Woocommerce Compatible
  • Woocommerce Custom Color
  • Add Grid 2 Style
  • Add About Me Widget
  • Add Twitter Feed Widget
  • Remove Flexslider
  • Add Carousel
  • Add Carousel Post Slider Widget
  • Add Grid Post Widget
  • Add Animation
  • Add Option Animation Select, ON/OFF
  • Add ON/OFF Sticky
  • Add Smooth Scroll Mouse ON/OFF
  • Update Shortcodes
  • Delete Custom CSS, because there are already Custom CSS settings in WordPress Version.

Firnera v1.2.1 (01.August.2016)

  • Fixes Responsive Primary Menu issues
  • Fixes and Update Theme Options Color issues
    • Adding a custom color for the (input element)
    • Adding Option On / Off (exclude pages for search.)
  • Update file style.css, navigation.php
  • Adding Sidebar Ads Widget After Menu and Sidebar Ads Widget Before Footer
  • Update .Pot file

Firnera v1.1.0 (02.July.2016)

  • Fixes author list (shortcode) issues

Firnera v1.0 (26.May.2016) – Initial Release